Shock rubs steering rod

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Nov 9, 2006
Charlotte area
Just wondering if the repair for this is something other than bending the steering rod (or arm or whatever called) into an arc... Flipping the shock won't resolve it.


P.S. - this is a late '79 FJ40 with power steering and a 3 - 4" BDS lift.


Switch to Bilsteins. No need to bend anything then. I had the same issue until I switched.
This has been covered in tech two or three times. I've posted pics of my outboarded lower shock mounts in at least one of those threads.

Photo by Mark’s Offroad Enterprises

Rock the knuckle from one side to the other and note how far the shock is from it. Then cut the tab off the axle housing and reweld closer to the knuckle. Problem solved.

Rewelded tab on my Karma Cruiser (Death Valley tested)View attachment 1366684

...... You will have to relocate your shock mounts. In the back, weld new pins onto the backside of the shock mount crossmember. Up front you can make new towers, reverse the pins in your existing towers, or cut the tab off of the axle and turn it around/shift it a little. I lean toward makeing new towers (or using the ford F250 towers) so that you can also fit longer shocks for greater travel. In the rear moving your shock pins inward as you relocate them to the rear of the crossmember will also make room for longer shocks.

@thebigredrocker , you have the special kind of patience it takes to be an archivist.

Mark & RedRocker: Thanks guys. Since these shocks are in need of replacement the Bilstein approach seems easier as they must have a smaller diameter shock housing. And if that doesn't solve it I may have to resort to rewelding the tab.

Colorado: which model Bilstein shocks are you using?
I will look up which ones I have. They are sweet and it's an easy solution.
I have had bilstein 5100's on two of my vehicles. I like them. Not on my 40 though. I may in the future. Try a search on bilstein shocks in the forum, several threads. Heres one with part #s. If you go with Bilstein, make sure you keep the receipt. I had one shock crap out and they wouldn't warranty it without the receipt.

FJ40 Bilstein 5100 and 5150 shock part numbers

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