Shock Replacement

Apr 9, 2004
Looking to replace the OEM shocks at 90,000 miles. I have read through a number of the threads on the OME/Slee Diff Drop configuration and while tempted, just can’t justify the need for a lift.
I am running 33’s and am strongly considering Bilstein shocks to replace the OE. These are the part numbers available from Performance Products:
Heavy Duty-Front
Part Number: 104807
Heavy Duty-Rear
Part Number: 104808

Is anybody running this configuration (specifically these shocks)? Any other comparable options for aftermarket shocks on a non-lifted Cruiser? This is a mall cruiser most of the time, but gets some good off road use 4-6 times/year. Looking for a performance upgrade from the OE. Thanks.
Nov 16, 2003
I had OME & KYB and not satisfied with both of them. I realy like Bilstein performance but they are not available for lifted application. If you are not going to lift your then definetly Bilstein. This guy on Ebay that sells a set of them for $239 inluding shipping.

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