Shock Recommedations!

Feb 17, 2007
I am soon in the market for new shocks, and was curious as to what other folks are running and how you like them. My rig is lifted about 3-3.5". I was planning on running KYB's, but was at the parts store today and priced them, and they don't show a shock available in the longer length for the front, but they do for the rear. That seems odd to me. Is there listing incorrect? If I truly can't get them for the front, I would like to have all 4 matching, and would like (obviously) as smooth a ride as possible on road, as she is my DD, but good off road performance as well. I have had Rancho's and other brands of off road shocks on other rigs before, and they always rode stiffer than a cob, though I have never run the adjustable ones. So, whatchya'll think?


P.S. Sorry for the typo in the title.
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Jan 18, 2006
Reno, Nevada
I got the Doetsch techs per wagoneer 5's recommendation...
They have a SLEW of sizes and they are REALLY resonable.
If you go to the web site, they have fittment dimensions.
I got the 8K's for my SOA, and theyre pretty stiff, but they perform extremely well. They also have a lil bump stop on em!
If you call them to sure to get the price off of the web site!
Its cheaper than what they tell you on the phone...Since its on the web site, they have to honor it!

Sep 21, 2006
Seriously, take a HARD look at the ProComp 9000's. Great prices and a top quality product. You can usually get a free steering stabilizer too from 4WPW.
Got em' on the J300 and really love how they are suited for the heavier SUV (like ours).

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