Shock mounts SOA FJ-60

Aug 11, 2003
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Bought my 86 FJ-60 with a SOA. Dummy didn't relocate the shocks. He just bolted them on to the stock mounts which are now on top the axles.

Any source for cheap SOA shock mounts? Anyone do their own ( With photos please)?. I can't take it any more. Afraid to go crawling until I fix it. Thanks Troy in Tahoe
Jul 22, 2002
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It seems that we have similar problems ... I have an SOR that is not complete because i'm not sure how to rework the shock mounts. So, if you happen to get an answer to your question, drop me a line.


Dec 22, 2002
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Whatcha want? Front? Rear? Upper? Lower? Here's how I did mine on my SOA FJ60. Some 3/8 thick steel plate (actually was a channel type, but I woulda used flat but I didn't wanna run to the metal store...) and 5/8 inch grade 8 bolts. Viola! For the top of the rears, I moved the bolts 6 inches towards center each and grinded a groove into the head of the 5/8 bolt and stuck it up to the round cross-member and welded away. Not as pretty as it could be, but I don't care--it's under the truck and outta sight. For the bottom of the rear mount I used a 4 inch by 2 inch plate and welded it to the front of the spring perch with one end of the plate flush with the side of the wheel side of the perch, the excess hung to the inside of the vehicle just next the leafs. Welded the bolt towards front and called it good. Ya, it might end up getting hung up, but I don't think it's that prone to getting hit. We'll see.

For the front upper I used the ford shock towers. Drilled two holes in the frame for each mount and bolted them on. Drilling the frame sucks, but I think I like it more than if I woulda just welded them on. The drivers side pretty much fit right in, but on the passenger side I had to pound the underside of the wheel well a bit to get it to fit. No cutting. I refused to cut it because it was sooo close to just fitting. Again, bolted it on. Oh and they were lined up to just behind the edge of the bump stops--if they were on the same planes, they would be touching. For the front lower mounts I used a small section of steel plate/channel again, but this time it is just barely bigger than the bolt head. Welded that straight onto the axle tube. I had to chop the corner of my u-bolt plates that were nearest the shock for clearance issues. And also, the brake lines were all up in my way. Would have preffered to weld them on before I put the brake lines on...

Anyway, the front shocks are Skyjacker Hydro 7000 that extends to 34 inches and compresses to 20 inches. I maximized the mounting so that it's seven inches up travel and seven inches down--I had the local shop tell me which shock length would best fit with the amount of travel I measured and where it sat at rest. The rears are an unknown variety, but they are good and stiff (seemed to be stiffer than the front skyjackers). They measure ~28 inches extended and ~16 inches compressed. Again maximized up and down travel to ~6 inches each way. Turned out pretty swell if you ask me. And I'm definitely lovin' the ride a LOT more with shocks on it... :eek: :eek:


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