Shipping FJ40 accross country

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Jul 30, 2003
Has anyone had very good/bad experiences with auto-shipping companies?
If anyone has any input, please help. I'm having a 78 FJ40 shipped accross the country but have only heard sketchy things about the shipping companies...

Thanks in advance for any advice/reccommendations
fly out and drive it home, lifes an adventure.
That would be my first choice but I can't exactly get the time off from work :(
Where is the truck, and where is it heading? I have friends who have driven vehicles across the country for people like you- and then they just fly back. I think it might just be a college thing... Kind of like a fully funded road trip :D

Best of luck on getting your cruiser home!
I'm not working willing to drive it from where I am (CHICAGO) for the price of gas and the return ticket home(the cheapest). If not here's a link to one discussion that gave some suggestions.good luck and don't forget to post your review of the auto shippers you used here so we know who to use and who to stay away from.
Years ago I used Harrogates Horseless the time they were cost effective...I rounded out the load. And it still evokes fond memories (and many more laughs) at my buddies shop as they rolled my lifeless lump of molten fiberglass of the semi taking the same care as if it were one of the completed high dollar exotics that were being transported with it.

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