Wanted Shipped to Durango, CO (81301) - Passenger side jump seat frame

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Sep 19, 2015
Durango, CO
United States
Anybody have a passenger side jump seat frame for a '75 BJ40? It's the long, pre-roll bar seat. All I need is the frame, seat and back is in good shape
Which means that for US Spec FJ40s it would 1973 and older rear seats.

If so, how much shipped to 81301?

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I dont really understand the question @hyhpe , but I'll post a couple of pics (maybe I do understand)

Anyway... my drivers side is in great shape. Passenger side is broken, but im thinking worth repairing and probably cheaper than getting one to Durango thats in better shape



Thanks. I was looking for a picture since I couldn’t post a picture of what I had - not in town. What I have is different. It does not have the arm rest. I was checking because I will be going to Durango next week. I thought if what I had was what you needed, I would take it with me. Take care.
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Wish I would have seen this sooner. I have a few sets in storage. The original sets from my 68 and 73. Another spare set and one odd one. Not sure if it's a.passenger or driver side. Is the front edge of the bottom section straight or angled? I left today where there are stored. Would be at least week before I can check which side I have the extra for. I do remember two things. It has the single bolt on each mounting bolt verses two on the earlier style. It has the straight front edge, 90° angle from the back and front edges. If you don't find something in the next week and your seats have the straight front edge I check when I get back which side and condition of the seats.
@Living in the Past - that's quite the stash! Right now, I'm leaning towards repairing my existing one, but if your odd one is a passenger side one, then perhaps there is a deal to be made. My seats have only one mountain bolt at every position (for a total of five I believe). Not sure exactly what you mean by "angled or straight edge" Upon closer inspection, both places where the seat connects to the hinge need repair.

I'm missing the a rubber stopper that the seat rests on the fender when it's folded down as well. Overall, not in too bad a shape, but I want to have both seats functional, and right now one of them isn't!

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