Shimmy/vibration at high speed


Mar 18, 2005
Charles Town, WV
I have read couple of threads concerning this issue. However I could not conclude a resolution. My driveshafts are not bent. My front wheel bearings don't seem to be loose. I did jack up the front end and tried moving the wheels 12 to 6 oclock and the opposite ways. I think My rotors are the main source of the problem. Here's why. Couple months ago, as I was driving home from work, I noticed this noise coming from some where in the front. It felt like some thing loose. It only occured after driving for a while and in between 15 to 35 mph. Yeah I thought of that exhaust shield being loose but it was intact. So during the course of wheel rotation, I noticed that the driver side front caliper was loose about 1 to 2 mm. Passenger side was pretty tight. So I tightened it and the loose noise problem went away. But I was noticing this new front end vibration problem occuring only when I would press on the brake after driving for a while. And now vibration with braking is a regular thing but high speed vibration randomly is staring. Mostly from the left side. My guess is, that caliper was intentionaly turned loose, as I bought the truck from my local (POS) Nissan Dealer. I think they did that because they did not want to change the rotors, calipers and brake pads. That way the vibration wouldn't occur. Anyway, I am thinking of replacing the front rotors and pads. What do ya'll think?
I know the root cause of the vibration can be any thing. I am just starting from a very obvious reason.


Feb 4, 2005
You could also measure the runout of the rotors to see if they are warped before throwing parts at it. Unless it needs front brakes anyway...

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