shifter for 5speed

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Call Steven Tetu at Extreme Bends in Coquitlam - 604-834-FJ40. He usually has a pile of extra Cruiser parts laying around. By the way, assuming you have a H55, you can use a 4-speed shifter - the only difference is the knob. I've been using one on mine for nearly 3 years with no problems.
Thanks I had planned on contacting steve.
I have a couple of 4speed shifters so if that works great!
I was told by someone with four and five speed that 5spd has ball at the end and 4spd has ball with sides cut off. Will this make a difference?
I've never seen a 5-speed shifter so, I can't say for sure. I know my 4-speed has the side "cut off" as you mentioned. It works just fine. You do need to make sure that you are using the shifter bushing for the 5-speed though (blue plastic cup that goes in the top of tranny) as it is a different size than the 4-speed bushing. Otherwise, mine just dropped right in.

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