She's squirting all over! Pics! Radiator leak.

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Nov 12, 2007
Spanish Fork, UTAH
Woke up this morning to a large puddle in the garage. After heating her up, she started to squirt all over. Out of the seam on the top of radiator. :bang:
2013-08-09 14.49.03.jpg
There has been no trauma, no fender benders, or the like. Not freezing weather nor been really hot (95 degrees or so).

:meh:What is the cause of this?
Guessing replacement is only option...
What else to do while radiator is off? oil pump gasket etc...


2013-08-09 14.49.03.jpg

2013-08-09 14.51.11.jpg
Yep, its just time for another. You could probably have it repaired, but why? I had this same issue with mine. I tried to fix it, but it started leaking somewhere else. So, I replaced it with a Koyo and did some other things while I had it out. This is what all I did.

Installed new radiator (Koyo C1917)
New radiator hoses (3) and clamps
New thermostat and gasket
New PCV valve, grommet, 2 hoses and clamps
New front crank seal
New oil pump gasket
New Torx screws (7) for oil pump cover
Oil change
New (3) drive belts
Had the same thing happen to me to my old 89 22re 4Runner. Had to replace. Failed radiator!

Easy replacement though on our FZJ80's. Just go ahead and do the hoses and get a new cap.
Just curious--is that what 50%+ diluted Toyota red coolant looks like? Cause it sure looks like rusty water in the pics.....
Thanks for the reply's...

It is dilute toyota 'red'. It was dilute to begin with, plus I added a gallon or more water this morning before I found the leak.

I do like the idea of doing a real good flush before the new install though!

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