Shell Rotella T engine oil ?????

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Nov 17, 2006
just moved to cairns , Qld
Been reading up the lastest Goss in various performance diesel magazines & read this article that Shell has this new diesel engine oil that has just come out called " Rotella T " that has proven thru testing to extend engine service and alot less wear thru engine parts ( pulled trial engines down after considerable milage ) & the results were amazing .

Wondering if anyone has seen or heard of this new generation Engine Oil ??????????
Around here, they have been selling Rotella T for years. I have used it with very good results on oil analysis. I couldn't find my results, but it did perform to my expectations as I still have a case of it!
Is that rotella t dino or syn?
Its dino oil and I've also had great luck with it. I also think its been around for awhile although they modify additives all the time.

The local diesel shop only recomends two oils and rotella T is one. I can't remember what the other type was....
So it's the Dino that's recommended? My local shop sells Rotella T in both a Dino and Synth.
I've been using Rotella T 15w-40 for years. I've got 500,000km on my BJ60 though it has not been exclusively Rotella.
I run synthetic only in my diesels. Im sure some dino is great, but I have a purely unscientific reason for using the synthetic.

When I first bought a diesel cruiser I was using rotella and other dino oil. Its so cheap in comparison. I noticed that every time I pulled the dip-stick after the oil was a little dirty that the oil seemed to repel from the steel. I sanded the dip-stick and cleaned it etc. Sometimes it was hard to get a good reading on the stick after the oil was a bit dirty.

At the time I had a sports car and used synthetic so I thought I would give it a try in the truck. Now I use mobil syn in the diesels - mainly because when I pull the stick, the oil sticks to it.

I know its voodoo and unscientific, but something about the oil staying on the stick just seems right.
I just wonder.....
AFAIK Rotella has been around for more than 40 years here in Europe...
At that time it was THE oil for diesels. Given the superior quality people used in in gassers as well. It tended to keep the engine very clean, hardly forming sludge.
There was a drawback tho. If you had an engine that had been running with an 'ordinary' oil for quite some time, it was a risk to change over to Rotella because this loosened all the sludge present in the engine thus clogging the oil channels....
Trick was to 'flush' the engine by filling it with Rotella, drive it a day or so, drain, refill, drive, etc until the drained oil was 'clean'.
Is this still applicable?
Opportunity knocks. :idea: Order it on-line and get a case of cans sent to you from one of the retailers. Then turn around and sell some to your friends. Next thing you know you've not only got a clean engine but a developing market for a side business. Then negotiate a distributor contract with Seafoam. :cool:
If it was only that simple...
I doubt it's still that cheap compared to Rotella once it's shipped and customs has laid his hands on it :frown: :mad:
Amsoil Heavy Duty Diesel Oil. The best stuff there is! That's what I put in all three of my diesels.....

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