Shameless plug (battery tray)

Feb 20, 2003
If ya don't know, I ain't tellin'
Can a battery tray be sexy? Well, if that's possible, then this fits the bill. Only $59 (+shipping) for a stainless steel tray that bolts right into a Cruiser--all the hardware included! Everything was in sealed plastic bags, too, so nothing to "get lost" or not make it into the box. He shipped Fed Ex ground from Nevada and gave me the tracking number. It appeared on the day specified, bolted in the next day in 30 mins.

(Side note: when you remove the p.o.'s bungee cord special, remember to make sure you don't leave that hard to see rubber cord resting on top of the radiator when you do a test fire! :ugh: Luckily nothing happened, but it could have been worse.)

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