shaky wheel at 60-65mph

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May 11, 2017
my wheel shakes pretty bad at these speeds and only these speeds. once i get to 70 its as smooth as when im going 5mph. Would this be a tire balancing/allignment issue or steering rack?
Had the same issue on mine, went away with a new set of tires and balancing. Not sure which one cured it.

Start with the easy stuff... go get the tires rotated and balanced. Then if it persists take it in for an alignment. When you are there they should tell you if anything is excessively worn.
I've been down this road a few times with other Yota IFS products, but not on a 100. The steering wheel shake happened exactly as your video shows and only at 50-60 mph on my GS. I went through multiple rounds of rebalancing tires, realigning and even replacing tires. Things were often improved or even temporarily fixed (new tires), but they alway returned in a matter of a few weeks/months.

This drove me nuts, and eventually I replaced LCA bushings and LBJs to cure the problem even though they 'looked ok'. I suspect what was happening is that dynamic loading (e.g. braking) allowed sufficient suspension slop to cause toe out or other conditions that unevenly wore and eventually cupped the inside edge of the tires. (EDIT: all of this applies to front axle only, if that was not clear from the IFS reference)

It took me 2-3 sets of tires to figure this out, but it makes sense if you think about how at least my alignment shop works. Take off tires, balance. Drive on alignment plates, set it, and done. No dynamic force in play and nobody was aggressively checking bushings that 'looked ok'.

I'd look at the tire wear, jack up the front end and check all the front control arm bushings/bearings/ball joints & tie rod ends first, and then do the tires balance and suspension alignment. Or, make sure you go to a specialized shop and ask them to do the same.
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I think the classic info is if it shakes left right its front tires and if up down its rear.
When I was looking into lubing the driveshaft u joints and spider I thought I read something where if the driveshaft spiders were underlubed or overlubed it could cause a vibration at higher speed travel-but I a may be mistaken.

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