Shaking while braking

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Oct 12, 2003
Middleburg, Florida
I am experiencing a shaking in the steering wheel while braking ???. The front rotors must need turning or replacing because the normal pulsating occurs while braking, especially from higher speed. But, will that cause the steering wheel to shake with about a 2" deflection? I had the wheels balanced very recently and this condition was uneffected. Could other worn parts cause this....... wheel bearings, etc.? This cruiser has 123K on it now.

Wayne S :cheers: "Happy New Year"
Yes to all questions :). Pull the wheels, and check the rotors and wheel bearings.

Did you find out what the cause is yet ? My steering wheel was shaking crazily when braking at high speed. I had no slack on the wheels.
I doubt the article since the writer claimed he had never seen a warped rotors before.
My front rotors & pads were only a year old; so I turned the rotors & and put in new 100's pads. 4000 miles now (with lots of braking) and the brakes still feel like new.

One thing that needs to be checked besides the wheel bearing is where the caliper pistons are sticking. THis is a common occurance for the 80 series at this milage. You will need to jack up the truck in the front and support both sides of the axle and then turn the wheel and see if you can hear the rotors are warped. If they do not sound like they are warped and you know that the wheel bearing are tight. Then pull a wheel and look at the pads and see if they taper from top to bottom and or are thicker on one side versus the other. Inspect both sides. then try to pry back the pads, if one piston is harder then the others then it more than likely time to rebuild the calipers. later Robbie
Robbie, thanks for the tip...... :D

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