Shahzadee maintenance log (81 Stock FJ40)

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Dec 2, 2009
Starting a build/maintenance log for my 40, a daily driver that can be a garage queen from time to time.

History: I found her two years ago (2009) with 5 years expired Montana tags. This year (2011) she turned 30. Stock, factory power steering, factory Air conditioner.
09/2009~ -Gas tank leak fix: Had a leak, PO fixed it with leak stopper, took the gas tank off, had it leak fixed by my radiator guy. removal and reinstall of gas tank was a big PITA.
09/2009~ -New tires
10/2009~ -Carb rebuild: Did not idle, later found out the issue was with idle solenoid. :eek:
05/2010~ -Roof off, bikini top!
03/2011 - Found a used tiger top for $200.
05/2001 - Full tuneup, OEM parts.
06/2011 - New OEM clutch master and slave cylinder.
06/2011 - New battery

Upcoming projects: I don't plan to wheel it, maybe my son will when gets old enough to drive it. I will keep it stock, keep the top off, enjoy driving it as much as possible.
So upcoming projects... Replace driver side tub, Knuckle rebuild, tailgate...

Additional info:

Most recent pic
San Diego 007.jpg
Temporary tailgate cover from Cool Cruisers, painted with Nordic Blue T857 from O'Reilly.
Dadeo Oct2 008.jpg
Dadeo Oct2 001.jpg
Getting it ready for winter driving with a 190 thermostat and new window channels... Plus other stuff: Mirror heads, windshields pads and new 4 sp gear knob.
40 008.jpg
Love those wheels, have a set in my back garage.

She is a looker, although she would really rock with a factory style soft top.

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