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Nov 7, 2002
Pacific NorthWest
When a shackle is a 2 1/2 or 4 inch lift, is that the measurement between the pins? I have some older shackles on my 74 fj40 that I would like to swap for some confers but I don't know how long they are. The rear are longer then the front. I don't want to lose any lift by swapping them out so I am hoping to figure out how long they are so I can get a close match. If I measure between the pins should that be equal to the lift they advertise?

Thanks for the info :)
a shackle that adds 4" of lift is 8" longer than stock.....shackles only add length at one end, and only half that length happens at the axle position.

yes, they are measured pin-to-pin tho.
The one's I have now are PO booty fab. I just wanted something a little more solid.

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