Shackles for ProComp 2.5" Lift

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Aug 28, 2012

I would like to upgrade my Shackles on my 82 FJ40 which has a ProComp 2.5" lift right now.

What would you recommend that will install easily ?

The shop which installed me my kit told me the Terraflex would not work and would need modification.
Hi all,

Man-A-Fre has a selection of good leaf spring shackles:

When you order be sure to specify that your rig is a 1982 - there was a change in bushing sizes in August 1980 (your '82 uses the same suspension bushings as a '82 FJ60.)


Warrior has shackles but they don't come with bolts

Also what bushing did the use ??? Because the ProComp bushing has the narrower shoulder for the early shackles ... The the eye size is the larger newer style.
I also offer my own line of double-duty shackles that can be adjusted to work with the different configurations of springand bushing widths without having to deform the shackle plates to get the right fit. They are featured on my Specials page.
I checked the link and its a bit confusing which one should I pick ?

Do you have 1/8 or 1/4 in bushing shoulders ?? I have ProComp bushing and early shackles in the front with my advanced handling kit .... And Fj60 bushings and latemodle shackles in the back one .., this is REALY the first thing you need I figure out I fought weird driving till I figured it out
I went with the Cool Cruisers Shackles very happy with the outcome, the car feels slightly more comfortable.

I also installed Cool Cruisers Level Block on the right side of the rear leaf spring to make the rear balanced and installed a HFS steering damper.


Looks great. I'm about to install the HFS 4in springs and shackles with bilsteins 5165 shocks and u bolt flip kit from 4plus. I'll post pics

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