Shackles back to stock?

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Aug 13, 2010
Orange County, CA
I purchased a 71 FJ40 with a SOA and TALL shackles. I want to drop the height by 2 or 3" (or as much as I'll get) by going back to the stock height shackles.

Question is what else would need to change to do so. Based on the pics, it looks like the rear would be a fit. But the front, the shackle leans way back. Was other stuff changed to fit the tall shackles? Here's pics for reference...

Front rear shackle

Front front mount

Rear rear shackle

Rear front mount

A shacle reversal has been done on the front of that rig. And the square tube between the frame and front mount is kinda sketchy if you ask me... When they did the shackle reversal (SR)they welded the mounts wherever they felt like to give them the shackle angle they preferred. I think that the best thing you could do is read up on SR SOA, decide whether you want to keep it that way or not, and then- irregardless of which way you orient your mounts- get rid of the square tube and set it up for stock length shackles to work...

Just my .02.
the front spring attachments look funny, to say the least :confused:
Look bud you need to remove the square crap in the front and reweld the mount to the frame straight up. the rear mount for the front spring nees to be cut off the use a hole saw and put a tupe clear throught the frame where you can keep the shackle from the spring at a 45 deg angle from the spring to the new through the frame mount. the new mount woll have a poly bushing through it with a metal sleeve through it. It will allow you to keep the motion you want and lower it about 2". The rear should have a longer spring put in, then do the same 45 deg angle to its shackle, this will keep you from tacoing it when and if you back up into something and allow good flex. any other question feel free to just ask!!!

keep wheelin!!!
The rear pinion angle seems odd too.:meh:

+1, looks like the shims are in backwards at the very least. The u-joint(s) will not last very long like that, never mind the likely vibration.
I see a rednecked shackle reversal. Fix the front and then get the rear height to match. There are less things to deal with in the rear. Big Gut made some good suggestions to start with. It also appears that the front springs are not flipped with the short side forward. The shorter end with the military wrap was designed to take the anchoring duty in the hangar. I would flip the front springs and then locate your hangars without the spacer. You could build in 3 1/2 more inches of wheelbase in the process.
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Thanks all.

Sounds like first course of business is to fix the front by getting rid of the square tube, reattach the hangers.

Regarding the front/rear mount, it looks like there might be an existing hole in the frame, but will have to take a closer look. What's the advantage of mounting the shackle straight to the frame?

Can someone post up pics of what it should look like. Specifically, what angle should the shackles be at?

Sounds like you've gotten good responses on your shackle mounts already..

Just curious about your bumper there. Looks nice. ARB?

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