Shackle reversal or wrong lift kit?

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Jul 30, 2003
Edmonton Alberta
I bought a set of 4inch skyjacker lift springs from a guy online. I have received them and 2 of the springs are 2.5 inches lower then the other 2. :-\ So it looks like i have 2 2.5inch springs and 2 4inch springs. This wont make the truck sit level will it? I thought the 4inch lift kit from skyjacker had 4 4inch lift springs? :-[

Is this kit maybe made for a shackle reversal? Do the pro's out weight the cons for shackle reversal on a daily driver?

It probably won't sit level unless you have a hard top and some other equipment in the back. I have the skyjacker 4" all around and it sits pretty much level, but I bet when I put the hardtop on for the winter it will begin to lean back just a tad.
That lift kit would be made to have a shackle reversal. You could always use the 4 inch lift springs up front and springover the rear. A shackle reversal would be good for a daily driver, they will handle a little better.
So I guess it is shackle reversal for me...I hope it does not make the truck drive funny. I guess i just learnt a lession from buying online...
Hey Rob

That's the way mine came too. IIRC that's the way they're supposed to be. If you have pulled your stock springs off by now, you will notice there is more arch to the rear springs than the front... the stockers are ~1.5-2" taller in the rear. The springs are fine.

Skyjacker sells that 2.5/4" combination specifically for cruisers with shackle reversals. The bolt-on shackle reversal gives you around 1.5" of lift in the front, so when all is said and done you should have 4" of lift all around. As far as road manners with a shackle reversal, my first FJ40 did not have a shackle reversal and my current one does, I didn't notice much of a difference at all between the two. With regard to the Advanced Handling shackle reversal, it drags on rocks big time, if you will be spending any time off road go with something else.

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