shackle reversal for fj 40

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Mar 23, 2006
Cranford NJ
Hey guys. I'm looking to do a shackle reversal on my '78. The kit that man-a-fre makes looks good but it's designed for you to flip the springs and keep the same wheel base. I want to flip the springs to kick the axle forward 4 inches, not keep the same wheelbase. Does anyone know of a company that makes a kit that will allow me to do that? I'll probably just wind up fabricating my own but I figured I'd ask. Thanks!
what springs do you have? if they have military wrap at both ends you can flip them. the mil wrap needs to be on the shackle end which is my maf lists them that way. if you have bds, hfs or other springs with mil wrap at both ends your good.
I'm sort of new to FJ's so I don't quite know what you mean about the military wrap. They are the stock springs if that helps.
stock springs are fine for sr .not that hard to fabricate all the parts really .Make sure you get a long enough slip for the front driveshaft (it will be compressing rather than extending after the sr)
I know I sound like a broken record on this subject, but I would not encourage you to do a shackle reversal.

If you want to reverse the springs for added wheelbase (SR or not), just remove the second leaf, spin it 180 degrees and redrill it to match it's new configuration in the pack. The reverse the whole back which puts the mil wrap back at the frame.

If you do go ahead with an SR, I would not use one of the kits which lower the front of the spring. Go ahead and keep the front end of the spring as high as you can and inset the shackle hanger into the frame, along with relocating the spring perches to get your caster back where it belongs.

But in my opinion, it;s not worth the trouble or the complications. Leave the shackles up front.

I used the kit from MAF. Got Old Man Emu springs (2.5") front and rear. The front is 4" lift because of the shackle reversal bracket. The rear uses extended shackles. Old Man Emu springs have a military wrap on both ends, so you can just flip the springs if you wanted to. It is my unprofessional biased opinion that if you flip the fronts, to look right, you must flip the rears and cut the rear fender openings.

If you just want the shackle reversal, then I would go with a kit from a company like proffits, that does not lift the vehicle as much with the shackle reversal bracket
I know I sound like a broken record on this subject, but I would not encourage you to do a shackle reversal.



The only obvious advantage is if you are going to be rock crawling and want the max possible approach angle and want to get the shackles out of the way of rocks. You won't get this with a "rock finder" SR kit.

Handling and ride is a push in my experience.
I am building this for rockcrawling, and am planning on flipping both front and rear springs, don't want lift springs and the rear of the tub is getting tapered as well. I think I'm best off fabing the mounts, I really appreciate all the advice and input, Thanks!!!

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