Shackle bolts

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Jun 23, 2002
How tight should the shackle bolts be tightened ? Is this a torque wrench application or just a "feels like" its tight kinda thing ?

i just go by feel, and check them every day for hte first week, never had them come loose, worked for me, but it may not be the "proper way"
I went by torque a few times and 2 out of 3 times the bolt broke. They were not brand new bolts but i expect that the torque im told is correct... anyway i go by feal and then i check to see how close i am on the torque wrench. It works well for me. No broken bolts and no loose bolts.
I've replaced my shackles a month ago with greasable ones.
I just tightened the bolts loosely, then secured the first bolt with another one .
Don't over tighten. :-[
I did this and sheared the ring off two of my brand spankin new poly bushings.
IMO, use nylock nuts on them and tighten until the nut just contacts the shackle plate. On aftermarket shackles, since it's a "standard bolt" thru the bushings, you should be able to rotate the bolt with your wrench.

I keep mine slightly loose to eliminate friction interference with the shackle plates and bushings....adds a tad bit of flex.
Thanks for all the feedback, based on your replies I'm sure the previous owner overtightened them. I will get some new nylock nuts and do it right this time. Seems like im having to go thru most of the truck that way.....just doing things right ...once.

Thanks again

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