For Sale [SF, CA] Staun pneumatic beadlocks (used set of three for 15" wheels) (1 Viewer)

Apr 6, 2008
I am selling a used set of three original Staun (not Staun II) pneumatic beadlocks for 15" wheels. I had these installed on 15" x 8" wheels with 37" x 12.5" x 15R Goodyear MTRs for several years, but used them minimally (likely less than 5,000 miles). The fourth beadlock set up was damaged beyond repair; however, since the advent of Staun IIs, you most likely could pick up a fourth or fifth from Coyote Enterprises as well as any extra tubes, air channels, etc. to go with these. Coyote Enterprises Part CEB15710-4 - Internal Boltless Beadlock 15 Inch Set of 4 - Fits 15 inch wheel - 4 Wheel Parts

See pics linked below. There are a few of patches in the tubes. These are definitely for someone who has the time and interest to self install. I won't claim it's easy to get these dialed in, and I experienced some leaks during my journey, which was frustrating.

Ultimately, I am selling because I moved to a different size wheel. A set of 4 Staun IIs (the successor to Australian Staun) go for $757.99. Asking $80 for three. Please PM me with your telephone if interested. Pick up available in Richmond, CA; Vallejo, CA; or SF, CA. Probably fairly easy to ship.

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