For Sale SF BAY AREA, CA: 1971 FJ40 99% rust free 22k

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Vehicle Model
  1. 40 Series
San Francisco, California United States
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I have too much crap.. Crap that I don't use... Time to thin the herd a bit, well sort of.. My son wants his first car and this 40 was givin to my son by his grandpa... Well, long story short, my son wants a older mustang and not a FJ. We are looking for 03-04 cobra or 03-04 mach1. So, looks like the 40 will have to fund his car.. It's a smog free 1971 Fj40 is truly rust free.. Has some tasteful mods to drivetrain.. The original F engine was pulled out and has a very healthy/strong 73 F.5 engine.. The three on the tree was pulled and a 4 speed from a newer fj40 was installed.. Everything else is stock.. It does have a newer top from a 76 40 that the rear doors were converted to the old style barn doors.... Here is a video on you YouTube...
1971 fj40
33x9.5r15 big skinnies (have only 2k on tires, BUT they are old-like 15yrs old)
Weber carb
6to1 header
Pertronix electronic ignition
Has more goodies front bumper etc.. Runs strong and healthy.. Even with old tires I've driven this 40 and numerous 6 hr round trips in the last couple yrs..... 22k
Looks like a nice truck, given the story behind it, I think you son will regret selling this quite a bit one day.

I keep telling him.. honestly I feel like just buying him car and keeping the 40..
I was the same way when I was 16, told my dad his Fj40 was built like a bread loaf and didn’t want anything to do with it :grinpimp:. We did up a 67’ mustang together and I ended up selling it to buy an FJ40 of my own one day. Whether your son comes around or not, with a history like that i’d keep the 40 in the family.

If your son wants a “cooler” older mustang I’ve got a matching numbers 70’ Mach 1 project car I’d let go of. Shoot me a PM ;)
> my son wants a older mustang and not a FJ.

Well then, kind of a bummer but he has good taste, I thought to myself.

> We are looking for 03-04 cobra or 03-04 mach1

That's older now??? Holy s***, I'm getting old, I also thought to myself.

Any who, GLWS!
Grandpa is a good man for giving your son that cruiser. Unfortunate he doesn’t want it, it would be cool to keep it in the family as grandpa intended.
If it doesn’t get used though, I can see your justification on selling it. Common issue with these old tractors, you don’t drive them much. they’re great for the mountains and hunting, but not great for in town commuting.
Best of luck with making the best decision.
I also think your son may regret selling it later in life. But who knows with the young generation these days. They seem to thrive for video games and cryptocurrency. lol

Thanks for sharing the video
Maybe a dumb question but why is the top a different color?
In the post he explained its from a later year, and obviously a different color.
In the post he explained its from a later year, and obviously a different color.
Yeah, I saw that. I guess I should’ve asked if the different colored top is a factory color scheme. I expect it isn’t. Thanks for the response.

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