Sevice Records Online. I feel like I just won the lottery! Kind of....

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May 21, 2012
Lenexa, KS
So, when I recently bought my 97 FZJ 80, the PO said that his dad owned the vehicle before him and that his dad had always taken good care of it but he did not have any of the service records on it. He assured me that all repairs and maintainence were done at a Toyota Dealership.

While looking into the FSM through Toyota's website (I am/was going to do a HG as a PM as well as the PHH and numerous other things), I noticed that I could register my vehicle and view service records.

I registered and here is what I found.

So with the HG being done in 2008, could I assume that it is a good HG and shouldn't worry about this as a PM?

It sure would be nice to not have to drop the money on that.
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For me it only did service that I had performed. Even though my dad owned it before hand. I wonder if it only finds records via current address or name. But then the OP wouldn't have found his info.
I remember doing this a while back and it didn't have much of anything on mine :(

Not that like matters since I have done pretty much all the catch up service sans a HG replacement and I am only at 119k so hopefully don't have that anywhere down the road just yet.. truck runs great
ha, apparently I had already done this at some point. No service records for me. Just said what I already knew, I have a cali 80.
Mine had minimal stuff. Mainly transfers of ownership.
I lucked out on mine. It showed regular oil changes every 3,000 miles. Axle services about every 60,000 miles and several other minor issues. It went up to 152,000 miles and then ends. That must be when his son bought the LC. The only thing I couldn't find mention of is the PHH.

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