Setup for my 2" hitch rack loaded at 90Kg (200Lbs)

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Aug 1, 2006
Bogota, Colombia
Wanted to get thoughts on loading a 2" hitch rack with fuel and other things that will weigh 90Kg-200lbs. I'm not trusting just the hitch, so plan on supporting with a tie-down on each side.
Question: will the top hinges of the rear doors of an FZJ73 be strong enough to support around 30-40kg (70-90lbs) each (with the help of the hitch, obviously)? The idea is to have the straps of the tie downs go through the hinges and hook into the interior.
(Does this make any sense at all?)

BTW, can't use a roofrack for the fuel -- FRP top.

Will post pictures later but appreciate your feedback before if possible.

Apologize for the bad quality pic, but this is how the tie-down straps would be set on the door hinges to help carry the weight of the hitch-rack.
It'll be a 600Km trip on tough, muddy, roads
I'd really appreciate thoughts on this....
Exactly, Beaufort. Not entirely comfortable with leaving the weight just on the hitch, especially given the road ditches that'll convert the 200lbs into 400lbs at a given time.
if you are going to use the hinge, maybe you could fabricate some extended hinge pins. That way you could tie the strap like a dock cleat

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