Set of OEM 3-point Front Seat Belts for FJ40 - SoCal (1 Viewer)

Feb 26, 2008
San Diego

Have a set of late model OEM 3-point front seat belt harnesses from an '82 FJ40 for sale. Complete with recepticles and mounting bolts.

Drivers side works well; passenger side retractor is missing the spring mechanism to retract, so the belt is currently locked in one position (I actually manually adjusted the length by opening up the retractor to accomodate my son's car seat).

Fits 40 series trucks for the years 1/79 to 10/84 per SOR's site, and is not available (not sure if it is on backorder or no longer selling?). For reference, SOR was selling for $75 per belt when in stock, and was selling for $125 used (not clear if that for the set or per belt).

Selling for $85 obo plus the ride. Located in San Diego.

OEM Belts.jpg
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