For Sale (Set of 5) Firestone Destination MT 285/75/16; San Diego, CA

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Nov 22, 2015
Pawleys Island
United States

I am selling a set of 5 firestone destination MTs 285/75/16. These have been great tires that have seen daily driver use, rocks, sand, mud, and just made it through a 2000 mile round trip in Baja. The tires are ~ 2 years old and have 19,000 miles on them. There is still plenty of even tread left on all 5 tires. $800 OBO, not interested in shipping currently


- The tire that is currently in the spare location is older than the other 4 tires. It was purchased 8/7/14 to replace a tire that blew out. It still has plenty of tread left.

- I purchased a set of 4 new tires from tire buyer 3/11/16 to replace all of the older worn down tires. They were installed at the local firestone shop and I had them move the tire that was purchased in 2014 to the spare tire location. I have been riding on these 4 new tires since they were purchased. They have been rotated twice. I didn't bother rotating the spare in because I wanted to wear the newer tires down more before doing 5 tire rotations. There is slight wear on 2 tires that occurred during my Baja trip when I got stuck and used a set of maxxtraxx. See pic for details.

The tires are still currently mounted but I will be taking them off next week (finally found a cheap set of 315's to put on). I will post the tires on Craigslist once I put the 315's on. $800 OBO, not interested in shipping right now. Located in San Diego, CA

If you'd like more pics or have any questions let me know


Example of wear from maxxtraxx
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