For Sale Set of 5 80 Series wheels in MA

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Mar 21, 2016
United States
4 have Michelin LTX tires, 2 of which are good. The spare has a Dunlop which I don't think was ever used but it is cracking. Wheels need refinishing.

$150 for all 5.

I also have a rear spoiler, a hood deflector, and a rear carpet mat in grey available.

For sale: Set of 5 #FZJ80 #FJ80 #landcruiser wheels. Two tires are still pretty good. 4 are Michelin LTX, the spare has a Dunlop. Wheels need refinishing, and you'll probably want new tires anyway. $150 gets all five. Located in Taunton MA. by general gow, on Flickr
Do you have more pictures of the other rims? You mentioned they need refinishing but I'd like to see how bad they are.
Well, it would cost about 10 bucks a wheel to remove the tires, which i assume you would want to do, and 40 bucks a wheel to ship them, assuming I could find boxes to fit wheel dimensions without too much extra room. By the time they got to your door, they'd run you over 400 bucks. I'd think you'd find some a lot cheaper near you, no? @CruiserDreamer

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