Servicing one knuckle, do I have to drain diff oil?

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Apr 25, 2016
Austin, TX
Hey guys,

I recently did my passenger side knuckle service and diff fluid change. Due to time constraints (and other unrelated issues) I was unable to get to the driver's side. I want to do it this weekend, but don't want to have to redrain the diff fluid if I don't have to. Is it possible to jack up the driver's side high enough that the oil won't come out when I pull the inner seal?

I haven't tried it, but I was thinking about it. The gear oil should be just below the fill plug when level, so it should be pretty easy to tell by looking at it.
you will lose a little when you pull the axle shafts out, but I don't see a need to completely drain it.
If you have the side you are working on jacked up a little, you might not lose any at all. The oil will seek its own level based on relation of the fill-hole and the axle seal.

Or drain it into a clean container and just add it back afterwards.
You don’t have to drain it. When you pull the inner seal you will get gear oil that will drain out of the knuckle down to the point of where the shaft sits. It’s not a ton of oil but enough you will want something to catch it. Just make sure to top off your diff when your finished with the knuckle.

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