Service interval ? on the wife's '00 at 72K miles

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Jan 7, 2004
Santa Rosa Valley, CA
Our 100 is now over 6 years old. Its mostly driven around town so we only have 72K miles on the truck.

Anyhow, I come from the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" school of maintenance. I can see the the S-belt is cracking. I'm going to replace that myself, but I'm worried about the timing belt and waterpump, plus all the other maintenance tasks (fluid swaps, re-packing this and that, etc.) that usually take place at 90K. It'll be sometime in late 2007 before we hit 90K. That's probably too long of an interval.

Other than replacing the S belt at this point, what other maintenance tasks would be stupid to NOT do at this point? I can spend the money for a 90K service, but replacing perfectly good parts with new parts gives me a headache. What fluids should be changed? Which of these tasks can be done in my garage with little hassle and which should be left to a pro?

Lotsa questions. Sorry, but thanks for the advice.

The serpentine belt and the anti-freeze need to be replaced now. Unless you live in a dessert climate, I'd wait on the timing belt and water pump until you reach 90k in 2007. Of course, if the water pump started leaking before that, you'd change the timing belt at the same time. While you're changing the serpentine belt, you can remove the upper timing belt cover on the passenger side and take a peak at at it to verify its condition. It's good to change all the fluids at 75k miles (see FAQ). The wheel bearings should be OK unless you're doing frequent deep water crossings. The spark plugs need to be replaced at
If your serpentine belt is in bad shape I would assume your timing belt is also in bad shape. Mine was on my 99 with 58K miles. Your over/at the time interval for the changes I would recommend doing them. Figure it this way, you will be good for another 6 years. I would also do all of the fluids and filters and repack the wheel bearings. I would also do the rad hoses when you do the other items. Shouldn't cost you more then a couple of grand :)

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