Seriously ? $1000 for a License Plate?

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I saw that listing and thought about offering $20.
I didn't want to offend him. I was gonna offer $50 :D:p
I guess it's not a bad idea to buy a bunch of tags people might want and sell them :meh:
Stupid asking price but just as stupid if someone pays that just to say "hey, look what i drive". Many true cruiser guys that I have met rarely get a vanity plate. We already know what we drive.
I'm happy with my state issued white plate with the sun graphics. Still one of my favorite but do like the whale tail one also.
For those wanting to make their FJ60 Cruiser period correct, they would want the blue and yellow Ca. plates. So I really don't see the value in those plates. Oh, did I mention the $900 dollar price tago_O, who could or would want to afford that? I don't know about all of you, but 9 Benji's would buy some really cool stuff for my cruiser. Just sayin:)
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