September 14-16 URE Cruisin the Carolinas Run

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Jul 23, 2010
Morehead City, NC
^make it happen. URE is a fun place for stock to hard core, and ONSC is a great group of people. If you head down, i will drive in front and you can draft to get that bad boy up to speed.:lol:
Ya'll should come down! Going to be a blast! Like parker said anything from hardcore to just cruisin some dirt roads. Family friendly!
bump to the top. There were 50 trucks last year from stockers to ridiculous. Anyone?!?
I am out we have a wedding to attend that weekend. So much for a birthday run
man that stinks. i was hoping you could make the trip. It was a great event last year. I have to get the hundy tweeked and tuned.
^ i hope you can make it

^^ and no, that is code for finishing getting my nitrous installed.
I am plus the wife and a friend. Dont know of anyone else from the area yet.

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