Sensitive Driverside Window controller

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Sep 2, 2003
on my 97LC, driverside window controller switch for raising ald lowering driverside window is very sensitive that you have to press certian way to make windows go up or down. WHat will be causing this and fix will be? How do you take apart the window controller?
It's probably the switch. In the past on other Toyotas I've taken the door apart and was able to swap the switch out to verify it is the problem. If it is the switch then you might try dissecting it as I've been able to also fix a few.
use the BFH :flipoff2:

I know the switches can go bad, but never heard of one being oversensitive. Maybe you need to stop jerking on it? :flipoff2: :D :D
mine eventually died and my drivers window was stuck most of the way down.... in the late fall..... in freezing hurricane rain.....

I bought a new switch and all is well now.

I've been meanig to disect the old switch but have never gotten to it. ::)

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