SEM Tintable Liner

Mar 30, 2003
Anyone use this spray on liner?

SEM sells it with a Schutz gun but the guy at the paint store tells me I need a "good" gun to spray it.

FJ-40 1975
Rear Brakes Disc'ed, Fronts ready to do mini swap
Body just back from Baking/blasting
Frame off, down to metal and POR-15ed
Mar 13, 2003
Raleign / Durham, NC
After much research I used SEM's basic Truck Bed Liner kit (black). I was using it on new steel (I had to fab up a new floor pan for my FJ40). Here are a few of the basic steps that I had gone through...

Since I was using new steel, it had a bluish coating called "mill scale" - it's an oxide that is inherent in the hot roll process. It MUST be removed before applying any coatings.

Prep - I etched the mill scale off using a product that has a high concentration of phosphoric acid (protective clothing, safety glasses, and respirator). You can sand blast the stuff off as well (recommend a pressurized blaster).

Primer - Since the SEM product is a urethane, I used a 2K epoxy primer on the bare metal to ensure good mechanical and chemical adhesion of the truck bed liner coating.

After the primer was down, the recoat window was between 1 hr and 4 days (after that you have to scuff up the surface. You loose the chemical adhesion if you don't reprime).

Putting the truck bed liner coating on - I used a body shutz gun (really just a siphon feed air gun) that cost me about $25. You can find them at Harbor Freight cheaper. In my opinion, you don't need a high performance gun since the coating will have a texture to it (it's really thick which is why you have to use an undercoating gun to apply it). The texture will depend on the pressure at the gun - use a regulator to control it.

I put 2 coats on with the kit I used and have been very happy with the results. I took some pics, so I'll post them tomorrow. The kit cost me about $130, so I did it all for less than $200 (considering that I use a really expensive primer).

Other similar 2K urethane products can be found from Morton and Gator Guard.
Good luck

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