Seeking Speedometer Advice for 1969 FJ40

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Jul 10, 2020
I recently installed a new one-piece speedometer cable in my totally original 08/1968. Good news - the speedometer and odometer worked immediately after installing. The speed needle was not steady (it oscillated within about a 3-5 mph range at all speeds) and the odometer was accurate to within a 100 feet per mile based on using roadside mile markers. After about driving 45 miles, the speedometer needle became steady and accurate, but the odometer stopped working. When I installed the new cable, I made sure that the cable head was pushed fully into the speedometer, but I was not sure how much packing/washers to put onto the cable where it screws into the transfer case. I only put the oil seal rubber washer/grommet that came with the new cable onto the cable before screwing it into place. Do you think I need to add another rubber grommet or metal washer to keep the cable from shifting within the cable housing? Or, is there something else that I need to do to make the odometer start working again? I know the odometer is not the problem; it rotates when turning the cable with my fingers. Any and all advice is appreciated!
Did you take the speedometer cluster apart? Guessing it needs old dried grease removed and new grease added.
Thanks; now for dumb questions: Clean old grease from the odometer gears, or are there other areas to clean? Should I use a clear silicon grease on the gears after cleaning them?

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