Seeking OEM part numbers for the 1.0 III IDC terminals

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Sep 19, 2016

I'm looking for the OEM part numbers for 82998–12640 (female) and 82998–12660 (male).

These contacts are used for connections to the dashboard loom (early LX470 / 100) connectors IF1-2, IU1-5, etc

If you know the OEM for these parts please let me know!

I need these parts to complete a loom repair.

is this the one you went with? 7116–4300–02

if you get it could you post a picture? I usually tell people to order the toyota part #82998 12640 as I've never needed more than one for any one harness, and only female. it would be good to know if this was the correct one.
Hi @jerryb. I believe so, with the matching male part number 7114-4301-02. I'm still trying to find a source.

BTW with 82998-12640 is it just the connector ready to crimp or does it also include a pig tail?
82998 12640, and all repair wire/terminal come with a short or a long pigtail. part# dependent.

nexus electronics has them. There will be a compatible sumi terminal also with the same specs. Lots of googling.

it's pretty deep hole to go down when you start looking through big PDF catalogs from all the big brand makers. it looks like you started that already.

For that specific IDC terminal I have used TE connectivity 316837-1 as a replacement that is non IDC. I keep those on hand.
They fit in what I need them for (AC connector) It's a cheaper and easier to find terminal but still not available in the regular places.
I'm only about 90% sure that that is the exact one I use for that specific replacement. It is in fact a 040III though and it does lock in.

If you need 20-30 of the yaziki i'd just order the real thing if you can. careful of the outter diameter of the wire and that it matches up with the terminal. the IDC actually fits inside the sleeve and body of the connector.

Thanks @jerryb. . . I've search for the Yaziki part but have come up dry. (They don't seem as friendly with low-volume suppliers as TE).
Contacted one vendor who sells similar parts in quantities of one. They can supply the Yazaki items but minimum of four reels with one thousand units per reel. . . :lol:
none of the regulars I use has them. I came across this page searching, I've never used them or seen them before. It's north america though. This is a new one to me just found this morning.

here's a list of a few paces I'd email to ask about inventory. I'd start at nexus electronics. They are the only people I regularly order yaziki terminals from. Albeit in a significant quantity and at a significant upcharge per terminal.

last but not least order the 82998 oem part and just pay the money at 20+USD per wire. (they use to be 12 dollars) nexus has been very helpful to me over the years. great place to order from. - never used before.

mouser and digikey are good also, but don't carry yaziki to my knowledge.

can you post a picture of housings that they're going in?
Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 9.28.12 am.png

I've just realised that I don't need the IDC pins . . :facepalm: . . I'm working with the male connectors which are all non-IDC (it's only the female connectors on "82792 - WIRE, INSTRUMENT PANEL INTEGRATION" that are IDC).
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11914 X 1.0 III F 18 U 12640 – L IDC female. 82998-12640

11912 O 1.0 III M 18 U 12670* – L male.

this is what your found- ordered? Looks good to me.


Yep! That's the part.

Between Hi-1000ec; Corsa; Mouser; and Digikey I've found everything I need.

what part # did you use for the female side of it? 7116-4300-2
I'm in a bind now, it seems toyota doesn't sell any oem repairs wires of that type any more.

Yep! That's the part.

Between Hi-1000ec; Corsa; Mouser; and Digikey I've found everything I need.

Hi @jerryb,

I'm not sure of 7116-4300-2 but if it's the 1.0 III terminals you are after according to RM060H0E these are the Toyota part numbers:

82998-12670 1.0III MALE (YAZAKI 040 Type M) - ■[Yazaki] 040 Type M terminal Non waterproof / M040 -
82998-12690 1.0III FEMALE (YAZAKI 040 Type M) - ■[Yazaki] 040 Type F terminal Non waterproof / F040 -
82998–12660 1.0III IDC MALE
82998–12640 1.0III IDC FEMALE

I couldn't find an OEM supplier of the IDC terminals (required if using an IDC connector) - these are used for terminating with a ribbon cable (on the car I've worked on IDC was on the upper dashboard loom)

Hope this helps

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This is what 12640 looks like.12690 isn't the same. I've searched on and off for years but didn't care too much since it was available.
Now it doesn't appear to be. I know lot's of 040, or 1.0III sized males fit in there but I'm always looking for that as a correct item.

Are the contact sides of 12690 and 12640 the same? (I'd expect so seeing as they come from the same connector family 1.0 III / 040 ).

Definitely the side that attaches to the connecting wire would be different (IDC terminal vs normal crimp)
yes they should be the same, even as a yaz terminal, since they all have corresponding terminals./ part numbers.
I've put 1.0 in there. I just don't want to supply that to people as a delicate slide in that isn't meant to be there.
what I really need is to find a junk car that uses 90980-11927 as a stock connector that I could scrounge from.

125$ for 5 of them from japan isn't the answer, but I have to provide SOME answer. The game is getting wildly expensive.
Yeah . . I'm currently repairing wiring on a few looms of a 2001 LC. I'm having to resort to visiting wreckers to collect connectors. My knowledge of these has vastly improved over the past 6 months. Thankfully every terminal I need I've been able to purchase new.

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