Seeking Employment Seeking new Opportunity in Western Washington

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Sep 23, 2013
Seattle, Washington
Hey Forum,

My name is Andrew Jones, I am a fairly well rounded work horse. I have been all over as far as experience goes. Mainly, I was a transit technician for King County Metro, running the tire shop on Seattle's Eastside for about a year and a half. Before the county hired me I was a shop supervisor at small hole in the wall shop down in Puyallup, Wa, leaving this job for the higher paying opportunity with the government. Recently, I was laid off due to budget cuts and now work as a private security body for a high profile hotel in Seattle, not exactly my cup of tea.

I miss the automotive sector. After taking the pay cut from the lay off, our family has been struggling. I'm just looking for a good opportunity to grow and learn.

Some of my classifications, qualifications and certifications.

-2 years of automotive sales experience
-CDL Class B, passenger and air brake endorsement.
-Certified forklift operator
-Trained in wheel/tire, bolt on suspension modification, fluid drain/flush/fill etc.
-Limited body work experience
-First aid/CPR/AED
-Certified in handcuffing, OC spray, take down (not sure where that would apply)
-Certified in Search and Rescue, emergency services ground teams (Pierce county)

Any point in the right direction is appreciated.

Seeking work in the western washington area, preferably pierce and king counties but willing to relocate.

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