seeking long term updates from O2 relocation folks OBD1 1FZ

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Jun 19, 2018
Seattle, Wa USA
Hi There.
I haven't been a 80 series guy for very long, but I went a bit nuts right out of the gate and got rid of Pair, and EGR, and moved my o2 sensors up into the engine bay. I tried those Bosch universal (wide band sensors) first, and I've been getting a pretty persistent code 26. I did pull both connectors apart and clean with contact cleaner and some compressed air. Results are/were the same. I broke down and ordered some of the NTK 24044 sensors and will put those in and see what happens.
I am curious what others have found over the long haul with the relocation of their o2 sensors, and any recurring problems you may have experienced or if all has been fine.
My truck seems to run nice and smooth in general once up at operating temp with just a slight "stumble" at stop lights. Cold start is a bit on the smelly side which I would expect from the rich condition.
No other engine codes (I have checked). just the 26
Thanks @beno
That was fast ;) I got sidetrack on Irish Reivers "Irish whiskey" thread.
I have been battling a code 25 since October last year. As part of my troubleshooting I decided to move the O2's to the manifold. PAIR has been dust for years. It didn't clear the code. The O2's were relatively new (less than 10K). In any case a new set from @beno was dropped in with no success. One of my O2's works (I see the signal on VF1) but not the other. It is hard for me to give you any reliable info as to the longevity of the sensors in manifold but my working one still works well and any research I have read shows that some mudders have had this set up for many years with no issue.
I ran the Bosch replacement sensors in my LX for years. Truck drove fine, but had a persistent O2 code. Seems it is common for the Bosch to cause that to happen. Installed new OEM O2 sensors a while back and it solved the code for me.
almost 2000 miles on my relocated cheap vato zone O2 sensors,no codes yet,i have a toyocom OBD1 to monitor whats going on.
over a year and 20K daily miles from one of my employees and no issues. OEM replaced for free under the recall.
Ok. Thanks for the input everyone. I have a toyocom as well, but last time I drove it wasn't kicking any data to the phone. I haven't done the troubleshooting for it yet.
Have had my NtK in manifold for 2 plus years now, along with no emissions equipment or vsvs, good to go no issues what so ever
I ran mine for more than 50k in the exhaust manifolds. Never had a problem. I used Denso sensors though.

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