Seeking Advice on Re-Gearing Differential

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Aug 10, 2016
Atlanta, GA
I'm sure you guys are the best, but I'm in Colorado. It would be an 8-hour drive just to get my cruiser to you. :O(

@mdavis0735 I think CruiserOutfitters is saying is they have the parts that you need to get the work done.. You will still need a qualified shop to get the work done.
Also it never hurts to start doing some of your own work. Having an older car like our LC/LX's it makes sense to at least do some of the easy/intermediate work yourself. The tranny/transfer case stuff is kinda advance.
Mar 6, 2014

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Sep 8, 2020
Arizona / Mexico
Michael, I think these guys are spot on with regearing through the T Case rather than the diffs for now ... it leaves you some breathing room so you can experiment and then decide if you want to again reduce the gearing in the diffs and/or lockers at a later date. I got the high-range and low-range underdrive kit from Kurt at Cruiser Outfitters as well. I think if you just did the high range under drive you would be pretty happy with the 33" tires you are running now. It will also bring your low-range final crawl ratio up just a smidge, maybe 9% or so and you will notice that in the low range. I did both and also 4.88's and my truck is geared quite low, even with 35" tires. I would suggest finding a shop where you can take the gears too and have them cryogenically frozen and then REM treated which is a type of isotopic treatment. Makes the gears a bit stronger (lots of youtube about that) and the REM makes them run cooler, more quiet and also doesn't require much in terms of a break-in. I think I paid just a few hundred bucks for this and it was well worth it. With the underdrive in the T case and the 4.88's I am effectively running a 5.35 in the diffs so make sure you don't go too low with the 33s ... especially with a 4 speed for example.

Later on, you can always reduce gearing in the diffs if you need to and be quite happy. Kurt @cruiseroutfit will take good care of you and tell you everything you need to order, and if your T Case needs to be 'clearenced' a little bit or not (Mine Did) which is not a huge deal. Also if you will need to order an additional part, to swap the idler gear in the HF2A with the idler gear out of the limited slip HF2AV transfer case. The 80 Series used splined input shaft that the OEM or Sumo input gear slips on and is retained by a clip. Toyota changed the 100 Series input shaft and integrated the gear and the shaft into a single part, so the gear can’t be swapped. Hence the kit. ... it is not too complicated of a job. Colorado is the Mecca of Landcruiser shops so you will be fine. I had Zuk do my gears and Overland Cruisers in AZ do my T-Case and other things. Couldn't be happier.
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