Securing stock tire carrier

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Jan 25, 2006
Santa Monica
I have a bike rack mounted to the tire carrier. When I have the bike on the rack, the weight tends to peel the carrier down. Any ideas on securing the carrier to the tailgate when the bike is on?


replace that rubber spring non oem thing with a long bolt and some nuts through both the tail gate and that corner of the spare carrier.
I didn't realize that wasn't stock. I'll try what you described.
Hard to say what it needs. I see a body lift and no visible body mounts in the picture. This originally had four body mounts across the back. Would need to know the condition of the hinges. Any play in the hinges should be resolved first. What condition is the rear sill in. Rusted or poorly repaired sill will flex. With the tube spare tire carrier that started with the 77 model the carrier used the sill not the door to stabilize the carrier. If I had issues would modify the earlier plate carrier to do the same thing. Have a couple early FJ40s with rusted sills that the tub is buckling under the weight of the hard time. Have four cruisers in the 68-76 range that tire carrier are rock solid.
Slap a hitch receiver into the open holes on the rear bumper and use a hitch mounted bike rack - that's my plan!
@brian ...but then how do you swing the tire carrier out of the way to open the tailgate?
@brian ...but then how do you swing the tire carrier out of the way to open the tailgate?

You don't.
But you shouldn't be trying to hang that much weight on a plate style tire carrier either.:meh:

What "moves" when you hang the bike? Hinges attached to the body? Hinge pins? What about the lock at the bottom of the carrier? I've a 73 FJ40, and If my lock is engaged, nothing moves down.
I’m guessing the the plate of the carrier flexes.

When I ran a ‘76 carrier on Ruftoys (same design, driver’s side) I added a vertical tab on both ends of the top of the plate, drilled the one closer to the hinge, and made a drawbar across the back to the other carrier. That helped keep the plate from flexing without having to do something extreme like drill through the tailgate. :eek:

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