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Jan 15, 2002
Toquerville UT
This newest "section" in the ih8mud.com forum is for those of us who have taken our rigs beyond the normal sets of upgrades...where simple SOA projects and easy shaft upgrades are normal, and where your standard Saginaw conversion is no longer enuf to steer a set of 42" tires...

Here is a place to test ideas, toss theories, and show off your crazy ideas...many Cruiserheads enjoy keeping their rigs relatively stock...bigger tires, better suspension performance, drivetrain changes... Some of us have taken that to a level of just plain silliness, with 38.5"-42"-44"-49" tires, unimog axles, and tube chassis, yet still keeping at least some of the cruiser "feel" to our rigs.

Enjoy :D :flipoff2: :D :flipoff2:

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