second gen 4runner for $500 outside of winchester

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Mar 18, 2009
the Lower Shenandoah Valley
ok guys a long story short, i know a guy whos brother is selling this 4runner.





it is automatic trans has a sunroof, runs, i did not drive it, and could only get the pics i got then my battery's went dead. also chris does have first dibbs!:cheers:
?...2nd Gen :doh:
yes it is a 3.0 i did not drive it though, he started it and it ran, sounded good.
he was not sure what year it was, i am guessing a 90 or 91, i am not sure when the when to the composite headlights.
thanks chris!
what did the wife say?
if you do not want it i will try to find the guys email address that wanted the doors i have.
ok Mike........I have their att. It really depends on rust under the rig and how it runs I cannot ask much for 500 bucks.

If you need gas $ let me know.

You say you are going to tey to test drive it monday?

:DJust get as many pictures as you can..........if you say the rust is ok under I will take your word for it.

The wife wants pictures of the inside and I just am concerned about the auto and if the engine dont get hot..........the rest I will worry about.

Thank you very much!

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