SOLD Seattle, WA: 2001 Lexus LX470 w/ 211k miles + upgrades (1 Viewer)

Sep 26, 2019
Seattle, WA
Vehicle Model
  1. 100 Series
98072 Woodinville Washington, United States
For sale is my 2001 LX470 (Land Cruiser) that's been well maintained, hasn't been off-roaded, and with plenty of upgrades. I am the third owner of this vehicle, which spent most of its life in sunny southern California and as a result is rust-free. Make me an offer, I'd love to move it quickly for a reasonable buyer who is going to love it as much as I have! Selling because I upgraded to the 200 series :)

Since I've owned it, I've done the following work:
- White Knuckle Off Road rock sliders
- Swapped the head unit for a Sony XAV-AX100 (with CarPlay!)
- Added new amp and speakers to replace broken Mark Levinson unit
- Added sound deadener across the entire floor of the vehicle and inside all of the doors
- Replaced all interior lights and reverse lights with LEDs
- Mud flap delete
- WeatherTech floor mats

This has the best combination of options for the 1998-2001
model years in my opinion;
- Grey interior w/ heated bucket seats(Lexus's are always
- Black Onyx exterior(the exteriors are usually a shade of
beige too)
- Optional 3rd row seats w/ rear A/C (I have them in storage and they're hardly ever used, in great shape)
- Timing belt done at the Lexus Dealer at 170k miles, current
mileage is ~211k.
Within the last 5k miles;
- New engine oil/oil filter.
- New coolant & coolant flush.
- New upper & lower Genuine Toyota radiator hoses. New
Genuine Toyota heater hose T's.
- Transmission fluid drain & fill.
- Front diff drain & fill w/ new Genuine Toyota plug gaskets.
- Rear diff drain & fill w/ new Genuine Toyota plug gaskets.
- Transfer case drain & fill w/ new Genuine Toyota plug
- AHC fluid flushed and bled at all 4 corners w/ Genuine
Toyota AHC fluid. System in good working order.
- New Genuine Toyota spark plugs.
- New Genuine Toyota drive belt.
- All zercs greased (front & rear driveshafts and slip yokes).
- Power steering fluid drained and filled.
- AC system vacuumed and filled w/ fresh R134 w/ new PAG
oil. Blows icy cold.
- Newer Genuine Lexus battery.
- Drivers seat bottom professionally reupholstered.
- New OEM Denzo O2 sensors.
- Passed DEQ with zero issues.
The bad;
- Sunroof does not work and has a small drip in heavy rain.
- Bad paint on the hood.
- Climate control temperature adjustment knob is wonky.
- Couple dings and scratches as you’d expect with
This runs like a champ, super clean & quiet, no issues other
than those outlined above. Other than engine oil changes, this
should be maintenance free for the next 20k miles until the
next service intervals.





Apr 7, 2021
Seattle, WA
@linktothefuture it looks great sitting outside the house... especially now that it's not dwarfed by your 570! Have fun with your new rig and I'll keep you in the loop as to how the 470 gets built out! Thanks so much for selling it to me!

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