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Jan 15, 2006
I've been taking the rig to Toyota of Kirkland. Is there a better shop in the Seattle area, preferrably the eastside?

Almost a month and no response? Anyone in the Seattle area out there?
I am in Seattle area, but only been back for a short period of time with the Cruiser. I was in Portland, there are some GREAT Cruiser specialists down there, maybe one of us should call them and find out..

With a couple of specialty exceptions (Dean Transmission) I've never had any luck finding a shop (dealer or indy) in Seattle that would do work to the quality level that I wanted. I started doing all my own about 6 years ago as a result and am much happier now. If I need work done that I can't do myself I go down to Over the Hill in Portland.
There is a tech at Toyota of Lake City, his name is Mikey and has been working on Toyotas for two decades. He knows and loves 4WDs. Call and ask for the service manager by the name of Dave and then make sure you request Mikey do your work. He's the only one I let work on our trucks and he's great.

It wouldn't hurt to mention that 4WD Toyota Owner magazine sent you over; they do work for me.


Thanks, that's a big help. Getting a little scared with the head gasket thread.
I have found the folks at Aurora Auto Center to be knowledgeable, honest, and reliable. I highly recommend them. No I don't work there, but I take my cruiser there and have always had superior service. Another place is Pacific Rim Automotive off off Stone Way in Seattle. I know the owner has an 80.

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