Seats in my Aqualu Tub?

Oct 8, 2003
Near Junk
OK - Anybody know if there is supposed to be a seat bracket mod required to fit stock seats in an Aqualu tub? Its their second gen version on my 76 FJ40. The front seat support bracket doesn't reach the floor on the PS where it bends around the edge of the gas tank cover - looks like I need a 1-2" spacer into the floor. Looks kind of simple to do. Just want to make sure this is required.

Anyone done this before? No info on the Aqualu install video on this. And didn't find anything on Search here.

Apr 4, 2004
Ste Genevieve missouri
seat bracket

yes there is a spacer on mine made up of a piece of round tubing long enough to make up the difference. If you need a pic just email me and I will try to get you one. Bill


Sep 23, 2003
This is an old thread, but the information is correct. Here is the reply I just received from Aqualu regarding this very same question.

This issue may be a bit confusing for those working with used aluminum tubs and or working without the installation DVD.....and particularly confusing if you do not have the spacer.

Sent: Monday, August 31, 2009 5:55 AM
Subject: Fitment problem with Aqualu tub

Hi Folks,

I have a quick question with a 1974 style FJ40 aluminum tub.

Is it necessary to have a spacer to attach the stock seat brackets to
the Aqualu tub. It appears that my gas tank is seated properly, but my
seat bracket is a good 3 inches from the tub floor and definately in
contact with the gas tank.


Thank you for your e-mail. On the stock body, there is a hump in the floor where the front seat mount is. In our bodies the floor is flat, therefore the spacer is required. The spacer that is included with you body is 3/4" pipe 2" long. I hope this answers your questions,

Thank you for your time and take care,

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