Seatbelts Will Not Lock Once Bolted In...

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Nov 4, 2007
I have my stock seatbelt set-up and the mechanism locks when the belt is unbolted and upright; however, as soon as I bolt them upright into my truck, they will not lock. I have my stock seat belts, and some new ones, and both will not lock once in the truck - neither can I find an angle at which they will lock at.

any help here?
What are you doing to get them to lock? They normally only lock when there is a force applied, like braking, or a bumpy road, or, presumably, crashing. I remember thinking mine were weird too, but they work fine.
Are the belts being remounted in the stock positions or a new location (rollcage)? Is the mechanism being warped or squeezed into or onto the new mounting surface?
I had a similar issue with mine (Mine came from a 1981 mini-truck). Fast Eddy is correct, they only lock when the little pendulum inside them swings forward, i.e. under braking or bumps, etc. It's a precise, but simple design. Ensure the seatbelt spools are mounted correctly (vertically), then get the truck in motion (about 5mph) and hit the brakes hard and they should lock up.
ohrly? what year is your truck ? [sig lines are good for something :doh: :cheers:]

early models had lap belts only and no retractor/lock mechanism
Fair bit of info here,

I drive an 80, and I have stock seatbelts. I didn't try the going and stopping, I merely pulled on them and they wouldnt lock. More importantly, I replace both my stock seatbelts with some aftermarket belts that were in my buddies 60 series.

The passenger belt is still good, and I am now planning on reinstalling it. However my drivers belt is frayed beyond any solution other than replacement.

Can I replace the belt and keep the mechanism?

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