Seat Upholstery Color

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Jun 4, 2006
Alden, N.Y. suburb east of Buffalo, N.Y.
I realize that our FJ40's have been around for a while and that PO's have a way of customizing things in a less then perfect way. That being said, I have a beige 1972 cruiser and upon removing the seats, my wife commented that the vinyl wasn't black as I assumed. We looked at all areas of the vinyl and it is not black. Did they all come with black upholstery or where there different colors as new from the factory? Thank you for your input.
For that year it was a dark grey newer models they used a lighter grey and other markets had a butterscotch color as well as the striped brown and white and I have seen 1/4 jump seats done with a velvety red tops and grey sides in the JDM market.

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