Seat Swap? - LC200 seats in a 100?

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Nov 20, 2014
Dubai, UAE
Have a very basic 02 LC out here in the Middle East.
Seats are cloth, manual and offer little adjustability

Happened across a great deal on a set of leather LC200 seats - full auto with airbags

Wondering if these were a simple install?
Not bothered much about the airbags not deploying in case of an accident

However, would love the electric seats to be working - would these be easy to power?
Would they fit in an LC100?
try it
200 seats are awful. Keep what you have and get them refinished.

Nothing wrong with what I have - was a good deal on brand new LC200 seats that looked super comfy :)

There’s other reasons for doing this - the wife has critical back issues and needs the micro adjustments to get really comfy

Could always look around for Lexus LX seats instead
Power isn't too hard to wire, just wire it up to a constant 12V.

You might be best off finding LC100 seats (US spec)

Yes, I’ll need to hunt around the scrap yards to see what I can find - thanks though - appreciate the help
Hey navadv, I know of a wrecker in Sharjah that has model 100 seats, You have to sort through them because quality varies a lot, and typically the driver's seat is worn, but that can be redone. Not sure about the electrics, but I've played around with them and the wiring is not too complex. It's just a series of 12v DC motors. The later models have a bunch of things for the memory seat function, but I don't see why that can't be bypassed. PM if you'd like me to send info for the Sharjah wreckers. I've had good dealings with them.
I own both the 100 and 200, currious why you think 200 seats are horrible?

Me too. There's a few reasons ...
1. I really like the armrest on the 100.
2. I feel the the 200 seat cushions are too firm for actual comfort.
3. I feel like the 100 seats fit my body more. Kind of feel more secure.
4. I feel like the leather changed from models. In the 200, I feel like I slide around a lot. Could be a byproduct of #3
I need to find a way to retrofit a 2013+ LS460 seats onto my LX, man those seats are comfortable, just the right support and cushion. I can drive for days and won't be tired.
The 200 interior is markedly better in just about every way. I'm not sure why anyone would say the seats are bad. What DOES suck about the 200s with the tan interior is how god awful cheap the leather itself must be because every single tan interior truck with a few miles on it has notable seat wear (the black interior is the one to get). But they are supremely comfortable seats no matter what.
I have a 200 seat for mocking up a fire extinguisher mount. I was trying to think of something to cool to do with it now that I'm mostly done. Maybe I could work on getting into the hundy.
Agree 100 seats are more comfortable. That's even comparing LX to LX. As stated source 100 seats.

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