Seat repair attempt, stuck on step 1. Help???

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Sep 15, 2006
Vidor, TX
My power seats quit working. The passenger's seat doesn't move front and back, but it does go up and down and the backrest part of the seat still adjust. On the driver's seat, only the backrest part adjust. The bottom part doesn't move front and back, nor up and down. I ordered the new white caps and gears to fix the seats. I got the driver's seat out and put it in my living room. I pulled up the cap and gear install instructions. Step one is to remove the plastic cover on the front. My problem is that since it doesn't move up and down, the front cover screws aren't really accessible. Any ideas on how to gain access to the cover screws without breaking it?




The screws are way up under the frame. Any ideas on how to solve this problem?
Drill a hole in the seat cover frame big enough to fit your screwdriver through.
Drill a hole in the seat cover frame big enough to fit your screwdriver through.

You have officially made me feel stupid. lol. Thanks for helping. Not sure why, but I never would have thought of that.
Now just skip to step number six, and I bet you'll feel better
Believe me when I tell you....I have been In your shoes before. The answer is usually in plain sight (just out of focus)

On the seat subject: I will attempt to repair/take apart any component of this truck. but that seat is something very special and it intimidates the hell out of me. I took the seat cover off mine on a whim to repair a seam (20 hog rings, a hand full of bolts everything getting out of alignment and only half done) I stitched it up on the seat and put that monster back together while I still could.

I instantly figured out why the manual cloth seats are popular (that and they have to be 60lbs lighter).


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