Seat covers for an 80 - what are the best?

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May 28, 2011
The leather (pleather?) seats in my '94 Cruiser have become real cookers in this record-setting heat. They retain heat long after the AC has cooled the cabin, and broil the backside when parked in direct sun.

Who makes the best seat covers and what in your experience is the best material? Cloth? Sheep skin?

Your thoughts / suggestions greatly appreciated!
Whats your budget?

Are you planning on doing all the seats? I am in the same boat my drivers seat has a nice cut in the middle. I contacted a few upholstery shops nearby and they quoted 3-500 to fix just the drivers seat. I said screw that, I'd rather use that money to cover all the seats. I am leaning towards neoprene since I have a dog and he likes to bring a mess with him.
check out Car Seat Covers | Seat Covers | Custom Seat Covers | Truck Seat Covers | Automotive Seat Covers
It'll be around 500 for the front and middle seats. But from what I've heard from others that have bought from them the fit is perfect.
I was just looking at some for mine. Anyone like the smittybuilt ones??
reiguy said:
I forgot to add the company its Wetokole

Thanks! My seats are in excellent condition. It's the heat they retain that I want to correct. So rather thank recovering, I just want to cover what is there with your basic sheepskin or similar.

Budget - was hoping for $100 or less but will spend more if the return is there. Just looking for the best option.
I have installed the GT Covers out of Denver. Very happy with the quality and fit. I used the Endura fabric.
Ditto on the Tuff Duck seat covers from Spector .... Made in the USA


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Wet Okole without a doubt. Example:

Color #100 is the pick for an oak / parchment interior. Order your own swatches if you want to make sure. They have them for all three rows if you want - made to order.

Warm in winter. Cool in summer and comfy.
Sheep Skin

If you can deal with the look of em. Sheep skin wins hands down for comfort and breathability. You would think they would be hot. But they are cool in summer and warm in winter. Plus they isolate vibration. I used to have a KTM640 Adventure motorcycle. Most people could not handle the huge vibration. Its nick name was "paint shaker" if that gives you any idea.:eek: I did a 1650 mile off road 6 day trip in 100 degree heat. And was in total comfort as far as my seat goes. My butt stayed cool and dry. And still had all nerves in tack. My hands on the other hand had lost feeling for nearly 2 months.:doh: I was just looking at a set myself. I think that Wetokolie site sells em. And they have several colors. They are exspensive but worth it. Neoprene would be my next choice. They do look better and are very durable. But they do retain heat. That is why they make dive suits out of it.:hmm:
Got it - thanks for the recommendation! Those look sharp.
Excellent points all! Comfort beats appearance any day, and the whole point is to eliminate heat. Will have a close look at their site. Thanks!
I'm not a specter fan but theyre seat covers are awesome. Ive had them in two.rigs and would do it again in a heartbeat. I had wet okoles in one of my 40s and they were not.durable, hot, and picked up greasy fingerprints from clean hands. I the gt next time because i've yet to hear a bad review
Another vote for the Spector Tuff Duck. Had mine 5 years and they are still looking great.

Just pull and wash once a year.
I'd rather sit on bare metal than fund Marv Specter's " hot ticket " operation. I did enough business with him in the '80's to last me a lifetime. Does he still label everything " hot ticket! ".
Been meaning to recommend these guys for a while: Exact Seat Covers | Custom Fit Car Covers, Truck Covers, Van Covers, Waterproof Covers, Neoprene Covers

When I was looking for seat covers about 8 months ago wanted something that was waterproof, fit really well, and affordable. Found these guys from a thread on mud and gave them a call. John Six was very professional, gave me a great deal on all three rows, even made me a center console cover. Went with their Endura material, which has been holding up well. Front covers have pockets in the front, sides and back which comes in handy.

Good luck in your decision. :hillbilly:

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