Seat Belts/harnesses suggestions...


Sep 8, 2003
Bozeman, MT

Got my new Saab seats into the cruiser and had to swap out the rear belts for the retractable ones up front.

I am looking into options for a shoulder harness, 4 point type setup. What do I need to be looking at. I am adding a rear bar behind the seats so I can mount the shoulder straps correctly.

This is my DD so I dont want a Nascar setup for getting in and out. Is there any convient safe setups out there?

What about lap belt options? I still would like to be able to lean out and see tire placement without unbuckling.

Thanks in advace-

Drew <><


Oct 19, 2004
4 point are the nascar style... Though you have a few, kinda modern day options. Corbeau has a retractible one, so its similar to a 3 point style, but I hear they dont lock until you move forward a good foot. There are diff levers, like a cam style lever, or your standard latch, and some have regular seat belt style latch. Search the pirate board ( as this has been covered alot over there. search for corbeau and you'll see the ones I mentioned. summit racing has alot of them for sale. They come in diff widths too, so it all comes down to personal preference.



Dec 29, 2002
Walnut Creek, CA
Cool cruisers offers a seat belt set up. Shoulder and Lap belts.
I have the Corbeau 4 point and they are a bit of a pain.Good if you roll bad if you need to reach something. You can put both in and use on on road another off road.
Sep 16, 2005
check out shroth(sp?) belts they make a system with a fixed lap belt and a retracting shuolder harness. carl
Jul 18, 2005
Wellington, NZ
Personally I wouldnt use a retracible belt off road.

I've seen too many situations where a truck is stuck in a dangerous situation, the driver has got out to have a look, got back in and cant put on the belt because it's locked up.

Depending on your road regs, you can always get some made up - here the aviation shops can do 'approved' stitching - I've previously had a 4 point made up with the shoulder staprs stiched to the lap - easy to do up/undo, not quite as quick ot get out of in an emergency as a proper 4 point which releases each strap seperately.

My static 3 point is roll tested and performed perfectly!!
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